Landscape & Irrigation



Do not delay.
Our dues pay for the water used
to keep AG lawns green!
Call Severn Trent Services
24hrs a day
(904) 940-6044
Conserve water & report leaks.


If the weather cooperates, MOWING DAYS are Tuesday & Wednesday. Please keep gates unlocked and property clear of ANY hazards.

All questions regarding mowing and landscape maintenance around your unit should be directed to the property manager. Please do not discuss your landscape concerns with the maintenance crew personnel.

Monthly Landscape Report

Landscape maintenance days are Wednesday and Thursday. Gates should remain unlocked on these days. All residents must keep their property free of obstacles. Move items such as potted plants, chairs, etc away from and off of the mowing area. DOG OWNERS: please scoop the poop, all the time, every time! Be sure to pick up dog poop in the backyard prior to yard maintenance days.

Please DO NOT interrupt the landscape crew while they are working. All questions regarding mowing and landscape maintenance around your unit should be directed to the property manager. Please do not discuss your landscape issues or concerns with the maintenance crew personnel.


Reflector stick

Use a reflector to tell the landscape crews
"I Will Maintain - Do Not Trim".


Don't Get Overgrown
Inspect your landscape often

Please let us know if your shrubs, bushes or trees are getting overgrown. Keeping landscape items away from the building greatly reduce pest’s ability to enter your unit. Prevent pest issues and contact the property manager to schedule an extra visit from the landscape company. If you have landscape items which you do not want the landscaper to trim, please use a reflector stick to indicate that you wish to maintain the item yourself. Reflectors indicate that you will be responsible for the proper landscape maintenance yourself.


Personal Beautification Projects
Avoid fines and get approval first

Remember, AG is a deed restricted community and your property is subject to architectural review by the AG HOA and the MHOA. ALL landscape modifications to your property must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee. REMEMBER, submit the ARB Form and get approval PRIOR to adding, editing or removal of any trees, shrubs, bushes on your property.


Did You Know?
The Autumn Glen covenants and restrictions does not require the Association to maintain the back yard of any lot. (See Article VI, Section 2, item 2 - pg15). The Association continues to provide this service as long as the operating budget allows for it.


More Landscape Facts

  • Approved trees include: Crepe Myrtle, Magnolia and Oak.
  • Autumn Glen has 180 Crepe Mrytle trees and it takes 10 days for the landscape team to trim these in the spring.
  • Why do you see so much clover near the retention pond edge? Chemical spraying for weeds is only allowed 10' from the water's edge to prevent contaminating storm water.
  • All original landscape must remain intact on your property as per our covenants and restrictions. Please do NOT alter your landscape without prior approval.
  • Remove a tree, replace a tree. What you need to know about the Clay County Tree Ordinance in the Land Development Code.




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