Autumn Glen Parking
Utilize Your Driveway To The Fullest

On-street parking in Autumn Glen can be challenging in certain areas. Please make full use of your driveway before parking vehicles on the street. Do NOT park vehicles on the grass or in your yard. Doing so causes damage to irrigation heads and irrigation maintenance is a shared costs paid for with monthly dues. If your car is found parked on the grass, your yard will be inspected for damage to irrigation heads and your account will be billed accordingly. Avoid parking on the grass in Autumn Glen.


Practice Parking Courtesy
Avoid Creating The Squeeze

If your driveway is full and you must park on the street, please practice parking courtesy. Explain to your guests and visitors to do the same. Keep Autumn Glen a desirable place to live. Do not block or encroach the apron of a driveway. Avoid parking directly across from a driveway making it difficult to enter and exit off-street parking. Finally, AVOID CREATING THE SQUEEZE! Do not park directly across from another vehicle on the street. Before you park on the street, ask yourself - CAN LARGE VEHICLES PASS?


Avoid parking across
Avoid parking directly across from another vehicle creating issues for large vehicular traffic. Do you think emergency vehicles could have passed through here?


You've blocked the garbage truck
The Squeeze Blocks Large Vehicles
Autumn Glen residents who parked across from each other prevented the garbage truck from navigating Wood Hollow Lane. Avoid creating the SQUEEZE in Autumn Glen. Think before you park, can vehicles pass through?


MHOA Is Cracking Down On Parking Violators
Vehicles Subject To Tow At Owner's Expense

Approved by FIP MHOA 11 May 2017 - Vehicular Restrictions – no repairing or overhauling of vehicles; no oversized vehicles, boats, trailers, commercial vehicles, campers or motor homes. Owner’s vehicles should be preferably parked in the garage with the second choice being the driveway. Vehicles shall not be parked in fire lanes, impede the normal flow of traffic, block any mailbox or driveway, or prevent an Owner from ingress or egress of his or her driveway. At no time shall commercial vehicles or recreational vehicles, including but not limited to, boats, boat trailers, motor homes, and campers be parked on the Property, including streets, roadways, and rights-of-way within Fleming Island Plantation. Vehicles that are not in compliance with this Rule are subject to tow at the Owner’s expense.


AG Parking Reminders
Be Courteous With Where And How You Park


  1. On the grass. Owners will be responsible for all sod and irrigation damage.
  2. On the sidewalk.
  3. Sideways in driveways
  4. Side-by-side on the street creating the SQUEEZE
  5. Within 30 feet of stop signs or in the crosswalk.
  6. Blocking the crosswalk or fire hydrant.
  7. Blocking a private driveway.
  8. Blocking the mailboxes.

At no time shall the following be parked on the AG Property, including streets, roadways, and rights-of-way within Fleming Island Plantation:

  1. Commercial vehicles - Defined as any vehicle advertising a good or service with a logo or a phone number.
  2. Recreational vehicles - Including: boats, personal watercraft, motorhomes or campers
  3. No oversized vehicles
  4. No PODs / moving containers without prior approval from the property manager.

Vehicles that are not in compliance with this Rule are subject to tow at the Owner’s expense.



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