Buying, Selling & Renting

Autumn Glen is a deed restricted community. Learn about all the rules and restrictions in our governing documents BEFORE you buy, sell or rent.


Buying & Selling A Townhome in AG
What you need to know about Autumn Glen

When you purchase property in Autumn Glen, you're buying a property governed by a homeowner's association. Specifically, Autumn Glen Townhome Owners Association (AG HOA). Be aware that AG dues are paid monthly and all residents abide by a set of covenants and restrictions created by the developer to maintain property values in Fleming Island Plantation. At closing, your realtor should present you with a copy of the Autumn Glen governing documents. If not, download the Autumn Glen Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) now. You can avoid receiving violation letters and fines by learning about the deed restrictions in Autumn Glen.

Due Diligence Phase
Your title closer should provide you with an estoppel letter. This legal document will outline the current townhome owner's financial standing, past due balances, current fees due and it lists all future special assessments due. Each estoppel letter has a "good through" date. Estoppel certificate requests can be made via the website HomeWise Docs. Estoppel letter questions should be directed to the Autumn Glen property manager.

After Closing
Once you close on the sale of your Autumn Glen Townhome, immediately check-in with the property manager. You need to provide your contact information and become familiar with how to pay monthly dues. Next, download the welcome brochure and quick reminders to become familiar with the AG governing documents.


Use approved signage only

Renting in Autumn Glen
Keeping AG a desirable place to call home

Avoid FOR RENT window signage, handmade signage or signage purchased at the local big box store.

The MHOA institutes design rules for the signage allowed in Autumn Glen. All "For Sale" and "For Rent" signage must utilize the pre-approved design. Signage must be placed in the lawn only. Please inform your realtor about the pre-approved signage needed to advertise your property. Failure to do so will result in a fine.

Signs can be purchased at:

Logo Xpress
2245 Plantation Center Drive
Fleming Island, FL 32003.
Call (904) 278-7774


Owners Always Responsible for Educating Tenants

Are you renting your unit? Did you provide your tenant with a copy of the AG Covenants and Restrictions? Both unit owner AND tenants are required to abide by the AG governing documents and all tenants are required to have a copy of their rental lease agreement information on file with the property manager.

IMPORTANT! Unit owners will be responsible for the fines incurred by their tenants. The governing documents for Autumn Glen Townhome Owners Association were written for the protection of all property owners within Autumn Glen.


Did You Know?

As stated in the Declaration and General Protective Covenants for Autumn Glen, Article XI, Section 19.

No Lot or Dwelling Unit theron may be sold, rented, or sublet without express written notice to the Board of Directors of the Association. This provision is for the purpose of making certain that subsequent owners and renters understand the rights and obligations of Members of the Association, including, but not necessarily limited to, the Declaration and Rules and Regulations. In addition, the Board of Directors may authorize the use of a registration form to be completed by prospective purchasers or renters. No Dwelling Unit may be rented, leased or sublet for a period of less than thirty (30) days. All enforcement procedures applicable to this Declaration shall be equally applicable to enforcement of this section.




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